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...it tolls for thee.

Hear that sound, that strange and alarming sound so much like a death rattle? That's the sound of the American experiment in democracy dying.

Nacht-und-Nebel Erlass. Know what that is? The Night and Fog Decree. Sounds mysterious, right?

Oh, yeah, it was. People were 'disappeared', generally into concentration camps, but also into graves.

The United States Senate has finally proven that our elected representatives aren't just venal and exigent, they're also intent on destroying this country. God knows, this country has never been close to perfect, but hey, the principles on which it was founded were pretty revolutionary and apparently still are, if the ongoing efforts to erode every semblance of our constitutional rights are any indications. Did I say ongoing efforts? Forget it, I'm pretty sure this is the last effort, because any one of us who proves to be enough of an irritant can now be accused of being involved in terrorism and disappeared without a warrant. How's that for the grand finale of habeas corpus, eh, ladies and germs?

So, yeah, send not to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for me and thee. And thank your Senators for it. Call, send email, send snail mail, take out a full fucking page ad in the Washington Post.


I know I'm not the only person who actually looks back at Richard Nixon with fond nostalgia. And if you believe I ever thought it was possible I'd actually say that anywhere, anytime, to anyone, I've got a bridge for you to buy.

I wonder what a person has to do to get political asylum in Canada.
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