Dec. 6th, 2012

Mouse is off bed rest, the twins are fine, and are each over 1 pound at 23 weeks. Seriously, Mouse is only 5'2". I have concerns about where those twins are going to be, heh.

I'm in the running for a new job, potentially, with a helluva lot more money, and considering that the Democrats would rather emulate the Republicans in terms of serving their corporate masters, otherwise known as massive expenditures for military adventuring for access to oil, while tearing apart the social safety net and raping Social Securiety and Medicare--while pretending that the subsidies, tax cuts, and entitlements for the 1 percent are far more important than the rest of us...

Okay, sorry, it's all that anger that still hasn't subsided despite the fact that we escaped having a robot for president and a self-aggrandizing greedy and heartless little weasel as a vice president.

As I posted one day on Facebook, the recent election was some sort of diabolic variation on the Peter Principle. I try, therefore, to spend my time reading, connecting with friends, real life or online, and half-assed writing history....or something.

Otherwise, I'd probably stroke out with unexpressed rage. This way, I channel that energy into other things and determinedly avoid watching the news, or reading any more of it than necessary to keep myself as a relatively well informed citizen grouch.

But I digressed, as always. Anyway, the job could be good, but then again, aside from feeling like myo head is stuffed with cotton wool while trying to learn to use Visual C# to code tests, I still like this one, so we'll see. Thing is, we've lost good people in the last few months, mostly out of frustration with less than sterling management and some uneasiness generated by the product manager who doesn't know his Agile from his ass. We've got new people who might turn out to be good people, but as of today, four of the people hired after me and two hired before me have left, and one of the teams is being phased out because their focus happened to be on products which have suddenly become legacy products. These events make me nervous. That said, even idiots acting like idiots sort of rolls off my back simply because EFI was so horrible a place to work.

I just need to get my brain in gear on this coding. Argle.



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